Computer Resources Form


TIMSS 2023


The questions in this survey relate to your schools' computer resources for the TIMSS assessment (which is part of National Assessment Program - NAP).   The answers to these questions will be collated by the TIMSS Project Team at ACER to determine the optimal way for the test administration to take place at your school.


The TIMSS Player is a self-contained set of applications for the delivery of the assessment and student questionnaire.  In Australia, we plan to deliver the TIMSS Player online, where possible.


Where it is not possible to deliver the TIMSS player online (or there are problems with the internet on the assessment day) there is the possibility of using USBs to deliver the assessment, but only on devices that use a Windows operating system.


We recommend that you read through the questions before completing the form, to determine whether you need to collect additional information in order to be able to answer the questions in full.